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The journal was founded in 1999.

Between 1999 and 2002 the journal was disseminated in electronic format on CDs. Articles were in Romanian language and abstracts were in English (Vol.1,Vol.2,Vol.3,Vol.4).
In 2003 the journal was edited in English (articles and abstracts, Vol.5).

Starting with 2004 the journal is entirely on Internet (New Series: vol1., vol.2, vol.3, vol.4., and vol.5).
As a rule, articles are published in English. For particular reasons some articles are accepted, as an exception, in French or Spanish.
Abstracts are always in English.
An Editorial Board is managing journal's policy. The board includes scientific and professional personalities from different countries and institutions.
The journal has professional and scientific support from universities, institutions, associations, and companies from Romania and other countries.



Revista a luat fiinta in anul 1999.

Intre 1999-2002 revista a fost editata in format electronic si diseminata pe suport CD. Articolele au fost scrise în limba romana, iar rezumatele in limba engleza (vol.1, vol.2, vol.3 si vol.4)
In anul 2003 revista a fost redactata in limba engleza (articole si rezumate, vol.5).

Incepand cu anul 2004 revista apare in integralitate pe INTERNET (serie noua: vol1., vol.2, vol.3, vol.4..)
Articolele sunt publicate, de regula, in limba engleza. Unele articole au fost acceptate si in limbile franceza si spaniola.
Rezumatele articolelor apar in limba engleza.
Un Colegiu de redactie conduce revista. El include personalitati stiintifice si profesionale dintr-o multitudine de tari si institutii.
Revista are sustinere profesionala si stiintifica din partea universitatilor, institutiilor, asociatiilor si societatilor din tara si strainatate.


Goal and Scope

The Journal aims to bring together professionals from all over the world into a common space of scientific and technical publication to educate the systemic analysis in the field of infrastructure constructions.
The target public is represented by researchers, faculty and scholars, highway and bridge engineers, traffic and safety analysts, architects and urban planners, graduate students.
Main domain is construction and architecture.



Revista isi propune sa aduca impreuna profesionisti din toata lumea i ntr-un spatiu comun al publicatiei tehnice si stiintifice pentru a impune analiza sistemica in domeniul constructiei infrastructurii.
Publicul tinta al revistei este reprezentat de cercetatori, cadre didactice din universitatile de profil, ingineri de drumuri si poduri, analisti de trafic si siguranta, arhitecti si urbanisti, doctoranzi, masteranzi etc.
Domeniul principal este cel al constructiei si arhitecturii.



Each year a volume is edited. As a rule, for each volume, 4 issues are delivered. When a sufficient number of articles treating a certain topic are available supplementary numbers are edited.
Each issue is coordinated by an editorial team formed by specialists from the field with the task to review the articles from scientific and technical point of view.



In fiecare an se editeaza un volum. De regula, pentru fiecare volum, apar 4 numere de revista. In cazul existentei unui numar mare de articole, pot fi editate si numere suplimentare.
Fiecare numar este coordonat de o echipa editoriala, formata din specialisti din tara si strainatate, care au rolul si de a recenza, din punct de vedere stiintific si tehnic, articolele.


Level of the journal

CNCSIS (National Council for Scientific Research from Higher Education) has rated the journal with B+.


Nivelul revistei

CNCSIS (Consiliul National al Cercetarii Stiintifice din Invatamantul Superior) a cotat revista în categoria B+.


Scientific and professional support

  1.  Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
  2.  School of Constructions, T.U. Iasi, Romania
  3.  School of Architecture “G.M. Cantacuzino” Iasi, Romania
  4.  School of Fine Arts, Decoration and Design Iasi, Romania
  5.  School of Constructions and Architecture Timisoara, Romania
  6.  General Association of Engineers from Romania (AGIR)
  7.  Professional Association of Roads and Bridges, Moldova Branch, Iasi
  8.  Professional Association of Roads and Bridges, “Stefan Cel Mare” Suceava Branch
  9.  Professional Association of Roads and Bridges, Bacau Branch
  10.  Professional Association of Roads and Bridges, Banat Branch, Timisoara
  11.  S.C. Constructii Feroviare Iasi – Grup COLAS S.A.
  12.  Regionala de Drumuri si Poduri Suceava
  13.  Search Corporation, Iasi Branch, Romania
  14.  S.C. Drumproiect Bacau, Romania
  15.  S.C. Drumuri Poduri Galati, Romania
  16.  S.C. Drupo Piatra Neamt, Romania

Suportul unor societati stiintifice si profesionale

  1.  Universitatea Tehnica a Cataloniei, Barcelona, Spania
  2.  Facultatea de Constructii Iasi
  3.  Facultatea de Arhitectura “G.M. Cantacuzino” Iasi
  4.  Facultatea de Arte Plastice, Decorative si Design Iasi
  5.  Facultatea de Constructii si Arhitectura Timisoara
  6.  Asociatia Generala a Inginerilor din România (AGIR)
  7.  Asociatia Profesionala de Drumuri si Poduri, Filiala Moldova Iasi
  8.  Asociatia Profesionala de Drumuri si Poduri, Filiala “Stefan Cel Mare” Suceava
  9.  Asociatia Profesionala de Drumuri si Poduri, Filiala Bacau
  10.  Asociatia Profesionala de Drumuri si Poduri, Filiala Banat
  11.  S.C. Constructii Feroviare Iasi – Grup COLAS S.A.
  12.  Regionala de Drumuri si Poduri Suceava
  13.  Search Corporation, Filiala Iasi
  14.  S.C. Drumproiect Bacau
  15.  S.C. Drumuri Poduri Galati
  16.  S.C. Drupo Piatra Neamt